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Spicy Dark Cosmetics

Makeup is color, character, and excitement… It’s image enhancing and personal. However, most professional makeups are uncomfortable, heavy, and irritating on the skin… Not Spicy Dark!

Developed by a professional model from New Orleans, Louisiana, known for it’s oppressive summer heat and sweltering humidity, the Spicy Dark brand is a cruelty-free makeup line for sophisticated women with active lifestyles who want long-lasting photo-ready makeup that feels light, applies flawlessly, and is healthy on skin.

No harsh toxins or hazardous chemicals here. That’s not Spicy! Spicy Dark is a professional makeup line for everyday use by all skin tones, formulated to enhance your look, and to last throughout the day under harsh environmental conditions while protecting and caressing your skin. Getting the professional makeup look you want without sacrificing skin health and safety can be challenging, and that’s why we created Spicy Dark.

While other makeup brands dry skin, clog pores, and/or dull natural beauty over time, Spicy Dark Cosmetics is carefully formulated with essential vitamins and minerals that enhance the beauty of all skin tones. And, because Spicy Dark Cosmetics are free of parabens and harsh preservatives and engineered for extended wear without harsh effects on your skin, your confidence will increase with each use.

Spicy Dark cosmetic products range from subtle, natural hues, to bold creative colors so you can individualize your look to make the beauty statement you want without sacrificing comfort during every part of your day. So, whether you’re a professional model prepping for that shoot on the beach or a businesswoman heading out to a special event after a long day of meetings in the boardroom, Spicy Dark Cosmetics has makeup products to help your look and feel amazing without concern for the health of your skin. Now that’s Spicy!!

Slay Your Day with Spicy Dark Cosmetics.


Julia’s Story

Being a professional model is hard work. Having to maintain a personal brand as a business while working in harsh conditions for long hours with different teams to get the right look or shot is sometimes daunting. The last thing you want or need to worry about is the effect your makeup is having on your skin. Working as a model, it was Julia’s job to wear makeup to enhance her look and personal energy, but the products applied by the professional makeup experts would dry out her skin, felt heavy when applied, or dulled her natural beauty.

On her personal journey as a model/entrepreneur, Julia met other passionate women who shared her frustration and concerns about professional makeup brands and their ingredients. A common theme was “the makeup did not feel pretty”, and she regularly heard comments like: “the makeup is too heavy on my skin”, and “I don’t think they applied it correctly”. Julia, like these other professionals, began feeling less like themselves when wearing makeup, and this was starting to effect how she approached her job as a model. …Thus, the idea for Spicy Dark Cosmetics Collection was conceived.

Julia believed there could be a makeup line that helps us look gorgeous on the outside, while feeling confident on the inside about our skin and health. She approached the development of Spicy Dark with relentless passion and commitment to safe quality ingredients she would feel good about offering to her friends, family and associates. The resulting line had to be for everyone, no matter skin tone or complexion, and had to deliver longwearing professional-grade results without damaging skin or harming health due to frequent use. The line also had to be exciting and energetic, so some of Julia’s personality was evident in the branding.

From a young age, Julia was creative and expressive, and whether it was styling hair or designing clothes, her love for beauty and style always showed it her ideas, work and projects. Julia created Spicy Dark Cosmetics for women of all lifestyles and ethnicities who want to feel beautiful while expressing their true selves, their fun side, or their professional character. She is committed to using only high quality, mineral-based, paraben-free products for all skin tones and types. Her Spicy Dark products are vitamin enriched and long lasting so they improve the texture of the wearer’s skin across all daily activities. The products vary from trendy-to-timeless and from natural-to-bold allowing you to create a customized and personalized look no matter where the day takes you. So whether you’re a professional model prepping for that shoot on the beach or a businesswoman heading out to a special event after a long day of meetings in the boardroom, Julia believes all of us should look and feel our best to “Stay spicy everyday”!

xoxo Julia