We believe less is more when you're applying our high quality products. Weather you're going for a natural look or bold look, we offer many color combinations for any skin tone! Luxurious and glamorous is how you'll look and feel everyday!

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Love the skin you're in! While wearing Spicy Dark Cosmetics we keep your skin healthy and glowing with all the vitamins and healthy minerals infused into our products! You're sure to wake up looking and feeling spicy!

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Blemishes, sun spots, skin discoloration... No worries! We've got you covered! Our oil free liquid foundation and concealer will give you the long lasting coverage you're looking for. You'll feel and look flawless everywhere!

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Spicy Dark Cosmetics

The Perfect Foundation

An oil-free foundation for all ages and skin types who prefer an easy-to-apply lightweight foundation that provides a smooth even coverage. Excellent choice for teenagers as it provides a very natural matte finish. May be applied over a light moisturizer for those with dry skin and may be powdered by those with excessively oily skin.

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